Happy belated new year! Looks like our website has a years worth of gossip to catch up on! A great year for Zeebz and Vitula it was with a dozen or so gigs around the region, from farmers markets to pubs, corporate events and even Trentham's own Spudfest! Before we fill you in on this years progress, below is a list of last years gigs (from April)  that were not lucky enough to make the cut onto our website :)

April 14th - Bendigo Farmers Market
April 20th - Smythesdale Farmers Market
April 20th - Brian Boru Irish Pub Bendigo
May 7th - Bannockburn Farmers Market
May 10th - Brian Boru Irish Pub Bendigo
May 18th - Trentham Spudfest / Cosmopolitan Hotel
June 13th - Live on Lydiard at the Courthouse Theatre, University of Ballarat
June 30th - Cosmopolitan Hotel, Trentham
September 10th - Cosmopolitan Hotel, Trentham
October 4th - Guildford Family Hotel
October 6th - Run Ballarat
November 3rd - Boort Lake Private Function (corporate event)
November 10th - Cosmopolitan Hotel, Trentham
December 21, Creswick Market.

More excitingly, this year has been quite busy with numerous gigs around the region performed/booked and the exciting upcoming wedding gig in April! Zeebz has been busy purchasing some very unique recording equipment and music gear, along with some flash new microphones! To top it off, Zeebz has also been playing the handyman role of renovating and putting together a royal red studio! Good times ahead for Zeebz and Vitula, we hope you all enjoy yourselves and stay in touch!
~ Zeebz & Vitula - 10/02/2014

It's been a busy year so far here in Victoria. We've been enjoying the weather and the cool change! It's been fun performing at the local farmers markets, and we are looking forward to doing a bunch more! Vitula has been busily working on her vocals, and they are coming along quite nicely. A nice new dynamic to our music is definately in the making. Looking ahead to May and June and we are thinking of performing a whole bunch of local shows, should be a good couple of months!
Stay tuned...
~ Zeebz & Vitula – 07/05/2013

And so ends another month and opens a new season. A welcomed transition from summer to winter if you ask us! Although, its been a nice summer but we're looking forward to our first Victorian winter.
This month we had the pleasure of performing a few local shows and played at the Talbot Farmers Markets, and it was great. Can't wait to head back there in June! We've also been finalising a few dates for a tour in march. We'll be heading from Ballarat, to Bendigo, Tungamah, Melbourne and Castlemaine with a few shows and festivals on the cards; can't wait! :)
Enjoy yourselves and stay in touch!

P.S – We are giving away some free albums – Click here to grab your copy!
~ Zeebz & Vitula – 28/02/2013


Happy new year!  We wish everyone a safe and happy 2013 and to those who have suffered from Mother Natures elements already this year, our thoughts are with you. Stay high and dry to our good friends in Queensland!
So what's new with us? Well.... We're currently sourcing and booking gigs around Victoria and constantly busking and playing around the local area. We love a good busk and are finding farmers markets to be right up our alley! Living in Ballarat has been really nice so far. The people are lovely and very supportive.
Stay tuned for some more news updates as we build this momentum we call, 2013! 
~ Zeebz & Vitula - 30/01/2013


Merry Christmas and a happy new year! We would also like to say thanks to everyone for a fantastic 2012! We played at some beautiful places around the globe, and without your support, it wouldn't have been half as awesome as it was! 
December was good for us. After re-locating to Victoria we did a stack of gigs around Ballarat, Bendigo, Melbourne and Hepburn Springs. The new year is also going to keep us busy with a heap of gigs lined up, and a little busking here and there! Check out the shows page to keep up to date or join our mailing list to stay in contact!

'Victoria - The Place To Be' : Well it seems this might just be the case for us! We've relocated and are currently seeking and perfoming gigs around the traps. Quite a lengthy drive, 3 days in total but it was great to take in some of the beautiful scenery Australia has to offer. Stay tuned and check out the shows page for upcoming gigs.

Banff, what a way to end an amazing venture in an awesome counrty, thanks a bunch! We met some super nice people, performed for our supper and accommodation for the final stint and it was well worth it. The plane ride home was a little bit longer than needed; Vancouver to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Sydney, Sydney to Brisbane and then Brisbane to Gladstone, but in the end, we finally made it. Arriving safe and sound (turns out we time travelled again and ended up a day or two in the future back in Australia). 

From busking on Granville Island, playing at some beautiful cafes around the greater Vancouver area, performing at the Richmond night markets (was good to play on a nice big stage again) to pushing a tiring 20 year old van to Squamish to perform at some farmers markets (don’t worry - after a new set of spark plugs, distributor cap, air filter and an oil change; it’s as good as new!), it has been a fairly sweet ride so far. Hopefully a few more CD sales and we mightbe able to afford some air tickets home! Check out the shows page to see what’s in store for us this month.

So... What's new? Well, we're currently living in a Bed and Breakfast in North Vancouver. Each day depending on the weather and what shows we have on, we load the van and head to Granville Island for a day of busking. It's a cool change from the daily grind, especially the sleep in! But it's still makes for a pretty big day... We just need a big bucket to put all this loose change in now! Plans are currently under way for a tour across this beautiful province, kicking off from Vancouver on the 4th of October.

Busking at the Ferry Landing on Granville Island - Picture courteous of fellow busker, Mark Fossen

JULY 2012
We made it! Thanks to a large plane and a pretty nice flight, we landed safely in Vancouver last week. We now have a sweet van, a handy GPS to get around and some nice new music equipment to try out. Check out the shows page for upcoming gigs around Canada.

JUNE 2012
Our debut album is now available for purchase! Check out The Store for more details!


JUNE 2012
And the ball is rolling!
Art work and final master has been sent away for production; due to be released on ITunes and other good digital outlets on the 21st of this month. And here's a sneak peak. Enjoy!! :D

MAY 2012

New blog entry up! Check it out... 

MAY 2012

A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month! What's the turn of a new month mean to you? Well, to us it's fairly exciting, stressful and a tad busy... But it's all good!!
Artwork for a new run of T-shirts is done! Thanks to good friend and artist Sam from The Dead Mans Hand for doing a stand-up job! In other news; the album is almost mixed down and we're franticly researching and booking gigs for a Canadian adventure. Almost ready to get amongst it!!
Over and out.
~Zeebz - 01/05/2012


The last two months have been fairly hectic, fairly hectic indeed! If we haven't been working for the man; we've been performing around Central Queensland, recording an album or getting some 'happy snaps' taken.
On the 16th Vitula and I headed to the historical town of Mt Morgan and started recording a 10 track album in the towns original post office! It was fairly rad, fairly rad indeed... 3 exhausting days later we packed the van back up and headed home. The mix is coming along swimmingly; stay tuned friends! Big cheers to Col Moulder at Crystal Clear Productions for putting in some major hours and bouncing some pretty awesome ideas off us!
Then came the 29th – Dressed in our finest we headed to the Calliope Historical Village and caught up with our good friend Emma from‘Emepic Graphic Design & Photography’, put on our best ‘Cold Steel’ impersonations and let her and the camera do the work… Had a sneak peak at some pics today, and they are looking quite fabulous, quite fabulous indeed…
Last weekend we performed 3 solid gigs and got as drunk as ten pirates (here is where I apologise for some extremely ‘good’ dancing and maybe a little too much ‘trouting’ to the local cab drivers).
This weekend we have another 3 back-to-back shows and its back to grindstone until May… But, should have a CD album ready to distribute by then!
Over and Out.
Zeebz– 12/04/2012
Welcome to the home of Zeebz vs. Miss Vitula; the Australian alternative roots duo featuring violin, guitars (12 & 6 string acoustics), stomp and vocals. Our debut album is now available.  Feel free to make yourself at home, contact us and check out the rest of our site!          

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